Top 7 Things You Need to Know about Father's Day

June-09-2013 on Infographic by thuydo

There are several theories behind the origination of Father's Day, but there is one true thing, the love for fathers might start at anytime and anywhere in the world.  Father's Day history may be much older than we actually believe it to be. This record is one example, a young boy called Elmesu etched wishes for his father on a clay card in Babylon 4,000 years ago. In June 19, 1910, thank to Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, Father’s Day was first celebrated. After campaigns and proclamations, Father’s Day became an official holiday 58 years later than Mother’s Day. The tradition of celebrating Father's Day has spread all over the world and not everyone knows that it is celebrated in different time in different countries.

Additionally, a lot of people will be amazed when they see the records of the youngest and oldest fathers in the word. The youngest man to father a child: 13 year old Alfie Patten in the UK in 2009. Young want to be men this is not cool, way to young to become a father you're not a man. What part of the body is doing the thinking? Answer: The wrong one. The oldest man to father a child: 94 year old Ramjit Raghav in India in 2011. The cost of diapers just doubled for this family. Not fair for the child and wife, just saying!

One thing everyone should know is the facts and numbers around Father’s Day gifts, including the way people buy gifts for dads. There are a huge number of stores that people can find gifts for dad, and 4/10 people choose those places while 3/10 people still choose to shop online. People started to shop for dads 3 weeks before, but one week before Father’s Day seems to be the best time for people to buy gifts for dads. There are even about 18% people do it on Father’s Day! In this occasion, females seem to be more generous than males in purchasing gifts!

Father’s Day recipe is another important thing to know. The simplest recipe (everybody can cook) but delicious, fun, and meaningful is corn on the cob. Boil it or grill it, and then eat it raw with your father like when you were a child given the first corn on the cob by him.

Finally, do you know this Father’s Day poem? It tells you the true meaning of fathers:

"F" aithful. 
"A" lways there. 
"T" rustworthy. 
"H" onoring. 
"E" ver-loving. 
"R" ighteous. 
"S" upportive.

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