Fun facts about Easter [Infographic]

Mar 25, 2013 on Infographic by luuphikhanh

Easter,  which celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, is coming. We all know this is the most important holiday of Christianity but how much do you know about this special event? If you do not find yourself amongst Easter “experts”,  please check out this infographic below. We are glad to bring you some interesting facts about Easter and we do hope you will enjoy a meaningful holiday. Happy Easter !  

"What is the meaning of Easter? It’s the celebration of rebirth, new life, spring, and fertility. Easter is widely celebrated once a year; however, the holiday falls on a different day each year, according to a complicated calculation. Aside from the rebirth story of Jesus, Easter's symbols have related meanings. For Christians, Easter Eggs remind the rock tomb, where Jesus rose again. The Baby Chicks, hatching out of the egg, are also the symbol of new life. Similarly, spring and new life are also the meanings of Bunnies. In 2012, Americans spent $16.8 billion on Easter ($145 per household)  and  90% of that amount was spent on candies.  Each year, U.S. manufacturers produce approximately 90 million chocolate bunnies, 700 million marshmallow peeps, 16 billion jelly beans and 80 million chocolate eggs for Easter. The largest jar of jelly beans was ever made in October 1999 and weighed 6,050 pounds while the biggest chocolate egg is over 27 feet tall and weighed nearly 4 tons."


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