10 Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day [Infographic]

Mar 08, 2013 on St Pattrick Day by loan

St. Patrick’s Day is coming bringing a lot of lucks and funs for millions of people in the world! Let’s make the most of the day with these 10 ideas about things to do and where to go! Some of them you may never think about before, and some you know but you may forget whenever this day come. What about making cards, making green beer, or showing off fun quotes such as ‘Kiss me, I’m drunkish!’? You will get a lot of kisses and funs! Additionally, you will receive the fun facts relating to those ideas, which even who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day may not know. Have you ever wondered how people dye Chicago green river? How they make green beer? Or what are the meanings behind the shamrock symbol? This infographic is a super quick and colorful review about this festival! So spend a little time and enjoy it!

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