Easter Day Activities for the Whole Family

Mar 11, 2014 on Easter Day by VickiHodges

There are plenty of fun and relaxing Easter Sunday activities for the whole family to enjoy. While Easter is celebrated in many countries around the world as a Christian holiday, there are also many who enjoy Easter’s festivities without the religious aspect. Regardless of one’s beliefs, Easter can be enjoyed by all as a time to spend with family and loved ones doing a variety of activities.


Church on Easter Sunday

A long-time Christian tradition on Easter Sunday is to attend church services on Easter morning. Many people who are not regular church-goers opt to go to church on this one day of the year as well.  Churches are generally packed on Easter Sunday, with the regular congregation, extended family and friends, and the random attenders from the local neighborhood. Dressing up in suits and new spring dresses and hats is a tradition embraced by many, as they flock to local churches to celebrate the Biblical account of Jesus Christ rising from the dead. For many, attending Easter morning church services is the most important part of the Easter holiday. 

Easter Day Activities for the Whole Family

                                                                        Easter by the Lake
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Easter Outings with Family

There are plenty of other activities to enjoy for the non-church goers. For those who do attend Easter services, they can enjoy other activities all day long. If the weather is warm on Easter, a trip to the park for relaxing or picnicking is a perfect after-church activity. Being with family or friends is a great way to celebrate any holiday. If the weather is cool or rainy, a car drive to a scenic location might be a way to spend the afternoon. Of course, staying indoors is always an option, as even Easter egg hunts can be held inside the house.


Easter Egg Hunts

Easter Day Activities for the Whole Family

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Easter would not be Easter for most children without the traditional Easter egg hunt. Families usually indulge in their favorite way to decorate Easter eggs a day or so before the big hunt on Easter. My family always dyed boiled eggs in water and food coloring, but there are other ways of decorating with stickers and even kits. Hunting Easter eggs in the yard is usual for most families, but indoors in the event of rain is also an option. If the weather is nice, incorporating an Easter egg hunt into an outing can be really fun.


Making Easter Desserts or Crafts

Making Easter desserts or crafts is another way to spend an Easter afternoon, especially in rainy weather. Last year, I created a decadent Easter dessert with mini Cadbury eggs. I just used a cake mix to make cupcakes per the directions on the box. I poured the batter into a cupcake pan, inserted a mini egg into the middle of the batter, and then covered it with more of the mix. How fun to have a Cadbury surprise in the middle of a cupcake! Be creative! Bury your favorite Easter candies in cupcakes and brownies, or make a cake and top with colored Easter frosting. Dye icing in shades of pink, green, or blue, and add candy sprinkles on top. Kids can help come up with fun ideas, as well. These Classic Hostess Coupons can help you save on cupcake holders and other Easter decorations and items for entertaining. 

Easter Day Activities for the Whole Family - Make Easter Craft

                                                                               Easter Crafts

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I’m not much of a crafty person, but children love making things. I get my inspiration from sites such as Pinterest or Etsy. Here’s a Better Homes and Garden link with ideas on making neat items such as chick puppets and flower vases. That sounds like fun to me! And Oriental Trading Easter coupons can hook you up with craft supplies such as design-your-own flower pots with seeds for spring growing season.


Using up Leftover Easter Eggs

Another activity is using up those leftover dyed Easter eggs. There are lots of ways to use the eggs in recipes, many of which the kids can help do. The children can help peel and chop eggs to be used in various dishes. One of my personal favorites is deviled eggs. I have never known anyone who didn’t like this devilish dish. All that has to be done, after peeling the eggs, is to cut the eggs in half and spoon out the yolk. Add mayonnaise, a few squirts of mustard, your choice of pickles or relish (I prefer sweet relish), plus salt and pepper to the yolks. Mash it all up together and spoon it into the egg white halves. Sprinkle with paprika or dill weed. 

Easter Day Activities for the Whole Family - 4

                                                                            Deviled Egg Chicks
                                                            Anneh632, (CC BY-S.A. 2.0), via Flickr

For chicken, tuna, or ham salad, just add the chopped up meat to the above egg mixture. Spread it between two slices of bread, and you have a sandwich. Yummy! Leftover boiled eggs can also be chopped up and thrown into a garden salad, or added with chopped meats to make a splendid Chef Salad. You can eat plain boiled eggs for a simple protein snack. Boiled eggs will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.


Enjoy a Special Easter Holiday

Whatever you decide to do on Easter Sunday, these activities can help make it a memorable day.  Spruce up the day with flowers such as spring tulips with discounts from 1800flowers for your loved ones or simply your home. There are many special activities to enjoy with your children and family for a festive holiday.  


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