6 Things You Must Know about Pizza Hut’s Lunch Buffet

Dec 20, 2012 on Restaurants by rosyvu

If pizza is your passion, you are likely to enjoy the great food at Pizza Hut. But have you ever tried the Pizza Hut lunch buffet that holds a special place in Pizza Hut fans’ hearts?  If not, read the following content to learn more!

1. What Time Does Pizza Hut Serve the Lunch Buffet?

On weekdays, the lunch buffet at Pizza Hut restaurants usually operates from 11.30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. However, lunch buffet hours may vary according to local stores. Therefore, ask Pizza Hut fans to learn more about the locations, time, and even phone numbers of these stores. To enjoy the freshest food, go to Pizza Hut at around 12:30 p.m.

Salad of Pizza Hut

                                      How delicious a dish of salad is! Pizza Hut is great!

 2. What’s Available?

The Pizza Hut lunch buffet includes soups, salad, pasta, pizza, desserts, and breadsticks with sauce. There are many different pizza selections for you to choose from. In addition, the number of calories per slice of pizza or per bowl of salad is thoroughly calculated, so you can adjust your portion size accordingly. For salad fans, a salad-only option is always available. Pizza Hut doesn’t limit the amount of tasty salad you can eat at the lunch buffet.

 3. How Much Does the Lunch Buffet Cost?

The lunch buffet price is very reasonable at  $6.99 per adult and $3.99 per child. The child’s price applies to anyone who is 12 or under. Remember that prices may vary regionally.

4. Book a Table in Advance.

Nobody wants to go to Pizza Hut and leave with an empty stomach. Book a table before you go! Pizza is always on the list of everyone’s favorite foods, so Pizza Hut restaurants are crowded all the time. Make sure you can comfortably enjoy the lunch buffet at Pizza Hut!

5. Avoid Ordering Too Much.

The various menu items at Pizza Hut can be dazzling, and you may end up ordering more than you can eat, so be conscious! You can always visit Pizza Hut again, so there’s no need to order everything the first time

6. Save More on Pizza Hut’s Lunch Buffet.

Pizza Hut often releases a Pizza Hut lunch buffet coupon in weekly circulars. Use it to save on your lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. If you order online, find some Pizza Hut coupons to save even more. You can also look for an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet to enjoy the meal for only $5!

Pizza Hut has a strong attraction for many people from all classes and all ages. Being “in the know” about Pizza Hut’s lunch buffet, you will have the most wonderful lunchtime. Share your experience of Pizza Hut’s lunch buffet with us!


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