10 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $10

Apr 15, 2014 on Mothers Day by VickiHodges

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Do you still need to pick up a gift for your mother or other special mother in your life? Selecting a Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to be that difficult, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider these Mother’s Day gifts for under $10!

Books for Under $10

If your mom likes to get some time to herself and read, a book is the perfect gift for her for Mother’s Day. Help her in escaping into romance with Danielle Steel or an interesting mystery with Lee Child. If she prefers nonfiction, get her a self-help book or book on a topic that reflects her hobbies or interests. For something different, check out the audio books online at DownPour for only $6.95. This might be the perfect gift for the woman who commutes to work or likes to listen to books or music while exercising.


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 Magazine Subscriptions

 Another great reading choice is a magazine subscription. There are many options for under $10 that Mom will receive all year long. It’s the Mother’s Day gift that lasts all year! Choose from titles such as Journal, Family Circle, and Midwest Living. Choose from cooking and exercise magazines, photography and outdoors. There are plenty of selections on sites such as Zinio or Magazines.com that sell for under $10. Zinio currently has a 25% coupon to help bring your subscription cost down under $10 on many magazines.


 Beauty Products

A perfect choice for mom is a beauty product or fragrance to pamper her on her special day. From high quality nail products to bath items, it’s easy to find these items for under $10. Get mom a small bottle of perfume or an assortment of specialty soaps with an accompanying hand or body lotion. You can find lovely scents of vanilla, lavender, melon, clean linen, and more. You can’t go wrong with beauty supplies for a Mother’s Day gift for under $10.



Candles are an inexpensive, well-liked gift for Mother’s Day or any day. Candles in numerous scents abound for under ten dollars, many even under $5. Like beauty products, there are many scents from which to choose. Candles are great to go along with bath products for creating a warm, luxurious spa-type atmosphere for bathing.


 Chocolates and Candy

 Most women love chocolate, so a box of chocolates is perfect for that special lady on this Mother’s Day. As another option, choose wrapped candies or flavored popcorn. Whatever her favorite indulgence, splurge on mom by providing her with her own stash of chocolates or other sweet treat.

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Summer Shoes

 Mom is probably like most women who love to go nearly barefoot when the weather gets warm. Give mom a pair of sandals or decorative flip-flops for Mother’s Day. Flip-flops are generally pretty cheap, and sandals are often discounted. Right now at Claire’s, all sandals and flip-flops are being sold for only $10. Perfect for your budget!


Gardening Tools

Mother’s Day comes right along with the gardening season, so this is a perfect time to get Mom some gardening items she might need. If she actively gardens, get her some pretty gardening gloves and lotion to protect her hands. She may need new hand tools, such as a small spade for digging or a cushioned mat for her knees. If she isn’t really into getting down and dirty, pick her up a potted plant or bouquet of flowers.

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Cooking Items

 Whether Mom likes to cook or just HAS to, she will appreciate some new cooking implements, and there are many to choose from for under $10. New oven mitts and kitchen towels are always welcome, as they wear out over time. Consider some interesting spices with which Mom can experiment, or a fun trivet or hot pad. Even new utensils such as spatulas and serving spoons tied in a bow are a nice gift for a cook.


 CD or DVD

 If Mom is into music or television, she will be pleased with a new CD or DVD on Mother’s Day. Both of these are plentiful and easy to find for under $10. Check out Barnes and Noble for $4.99 and $6.99 CD sales. From Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to many, many more, this store also has quite a selection of movies at under $10.


Personalized Gifts for Under $10

 A personalized gift, no matter how small, is always a neat gift for Mother’s Day. Even if all you can afford is a personalized keychain or Mother’s Day card, Mom is sure to love the gift and the effort put into it. Zazzle is one of the neatest places I’ve found for personalized gifts. They carry mugs, t-shirts, and hats, all of which can be personalized. Many are over $10, but with discounts, you can get these for considerably less, with the smaller items easily under $10.

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 Get to shopping to pick out your Mother’s Day gift for under $10. You have plenty to choose from! Many of these deals mentioned can be found on Showmethecoupon, so be sure to look at our coupons. Another last minute idea (that is cheap, too) is to try one of these breakfast brunch ideas for mom on this Mother’s Day. It’s fun to be creative on Mother’s Day when choosing your gift, and it’s smart to be mindful of your budget in today’s economy.

What are some of your ideas for an inexpensive Mother’s Day gift?

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