10 Great Free Kindle Books for Children

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We all know about the importance of giving books for children to our little ones. We’re also very well aware how much our kids love to steal our electronic devices, from our smart phones to our tablets and kindles. If you’ve got a kid who loves your kindle at home, you’ll be happy to know that there are several awesome free kindle books for children available at Amazon. Check out these awesome free kindle books below!

1. Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily's Room

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 1

This adorable book is one of those books for children that offers vibrant, engaging colors and wonderful adventures for little girls of all ages. Young ladies will love Lily Lemon Blossom, a lovable little girl who loves to show off her cute bedroom and her lovely stuffed animals- not to mention her fluffy little buddy, her kitten Josephine. Join her in her wild adventures!

2.  The Ugly Duckling

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 2

It’s a story we all love and cherish, The Ugly Ducking. This is one of many free kindle books that is perfect for even the youngest children. It teaches children to love themselves no matter what as the children read about a young duckling who doesn’t realize he will one day turn into a beautiful swan like the others. For younger children not quite ready for a Kindle, consider puchasing this book for only $2.99 and enjoying free shipping with book Amazon Prime Discount when you sign up for Amazon Prime. For even bigger savings, consider using Amazon Discount Codes.

 3. Orangey the Goldfish

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 3

Oranegy the Goldish is probably one of the cutest books for children around. It tells the story of a young boy named Billy caring for his new pet goldfish- who talks! Younger kids love this story, but it can be suited for the whole family. If you’d rather buy the print edition, it’s only $12.50 with free shipping using the book Amazon Prime Discount.

 4. A to Z of Silly Animals

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 4

This book is whimsical and fun for kids of all ages, with silly pictures of ridiculous mythical animals and witty captions that are sure to make your child smile.

 5. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 5

A timeless classic and designed for older children, this enthralling story captures young minds as Tom and friend Huckleberry Fin engage on a life-changing journey filled with mystery and obstacles. It’s one of the best free kindle books but can also be purchased for $9.99- even less with an Amazon Primary Discount!

 6. Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 6

Does this story really need an explanation of why it’s one of the most popular free kindle books? Of course not! Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood is a funny and enchanting fairy tale loved by young kids, and is completely free on Amazon.

 7. The Secret Garden

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 7

Another timeless classic, this beautiful story is a great read for older children. The mystical story tells of little Mary Lennox who loses her family to cholera and is moved to her uncle’s manor, where she is surrounded by a lovely garden. Here she will discover a whole new lease on life. A great free kindle book, or buy it for $3.95 and save with a book Amazon Prime Discount.

 8. Treasure Island

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 8

What little boy doesn’t love a book about treasure hunting and pirates? Treasure Island is the perfect story for young boy’s mind and will keep him excited and engaged for hours on end. A must-have for your little Kindle lover!

 9. What the Fox Learnt

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 9

What the Fox Learnt compiles four lovable books that every young child will adore. They are short and very easy to read, making it the perfect set for early readers.

 10.Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

Great Free Kindle Books for Children 10

There are certain fairy tales that should grace the ears of every child on earth. And with this book, your child will discover all of these beloved classics. Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know comes complete with plenty of fun and exciting fairy tales that are perfect for kids of all ages, girl or boy. Enjoy together as a family.

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